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My darlings,

the last two months have been an absolute blast, and Pride week was so intense tha t I am still trying to recover… The parade was a success beyond any expectations, I had never seen so many people in our city before and later statistics confirmed that this was the most attended Pride in the history of this Country. Of course the highlight of it all for me was the official closing party, where I sang my version of A “Natural” Woman to the biggest crowd I had ever performed for. As I refuse to lip synch -even to my own voice- you can imagine how anxious I was about the sound, but thankfully all went smoothly and adrenaline actually helped me add a little high riff at the end that I think I’ll keep for future performances! Also on stage that night was the cream of Italian gay entertainment: famous TV presenters, star comedians and TG legend Eva Robin’s, and I was happy to take the souvenir pictures you see here, together with a wonderful caricature by my graphic artist Floina inspired by the Pride show.


As for the future…well, I have quite a few surprises waiting for you, and once again I will use the end of the summer to put everything together and present it online for your enjoyment. The first thing I have booked is some more studio time to record the last cuts for my demo album. Then there will be a new photo set and a new video shoot, and everything will have to be completed before the press junket for the reprise of my show “VivaLaDiva!” in October, so please stay tuned, keep in touch, and until the next time, have a wonderful summer!!!