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» Time to say goodbye - New Video

My darlings,
I am thrilled to present my latest video, “Time To Say Goodbye- A Solo Duet”. The clip, just like my first video two years ago, had its premiere here at Lumiere Cinema as part of international arts festival Gender Bender (www.genderbender.it). I actually had the pleasure to perform live at the Festival opening party just a few short hours before the scheduled showing of the video, which was the first film in the Festival’s cinema section. So now you know why it took so long to get this out to you! If you read this space you know the video has been in the works for almost a year, but we just couldn’t pass the opportunity to open the Festival. Not bad at all for a clip which after all is, as the rest of our videos, a demo effort. I am particularly grateful to my producer and partner, Stuart Lindsay, to my director Fiandrix and to my make up wizard Sergio for their hard work and for making it all happen once again.
Meanwhile, “Simply…a Diva!” has been playing to packed houses. I am thrilled, humbled and overjoyed by the wonderful response of the audience, which of course is the best reward for our hard work. And hard work it truly is. The morning after the opening night I was 3 pounds lighter than the day before! Too bad the weight always seems to find its way back, somehow! :)

While most of December will be dedicated to corporate events, we will celebrate New Year with a special edition of our show at our lovely Teatro Eden. New projects and collaborations are a’brewing, and in the next couple of months we will keep working hard to bring you new surprises for the new year, chief among them a DVD collecting all of our videos and much, much more. Please keep writing to me using the Contact Page, and please do join my friends on Facebook. As always, the appreciation you show is the best gift I could wish for!

All my love,