A Diva With a Difference
Please click on these links to hear LaLa McCallan’s studio recordings.
These tracks were recorded in single studio sessions to show an even wider spectrum of her musical tastes and skills.

Nessun Dorma (Puccini)
As an ambassador of Italian style LaLa felt this timeless classic had to be featured in her repertoire. While she started to record the song with her customary subtle caricature of opera mannerisms, she was later overcome by the beauty of the music and decided to pay a simpler, more sober homage to this splendid melody.
Get This Party Started (Linda Perry)
This irresistible classic by Linda Perry is sung here by LaLa following the arrangement created for the legendary and ever inspiring Shirley Bassey.
Sposa Son Disprezzata (Vivaldi-Giacomelli)
A legit interpretation of this haunting Baroque classic. LaLa shows off her counter tenor skills in this beautiful rendition.
Why Don’t You Do Right (McCoy)
Jessica Rabbit is the only cartoon character ever to become a diva icon with just one song. LaLa’s interpretation recreates its understated sexiness, in a triumph of elegant restraint.
Marilyn Medley (Styne-Robin/Calmar-Rubin-Stothart)
Marilyn was of course the very first inspiration for LaLa, who by age 12 already knew all her most famous songs by heart. In a way, Marilyn was LaLa’s very first singing teacher, and this medley of three of her most famous songs is a tribute to the screen legend’s splendid and greatly underrated vocal style.
Time To Say Goodbye: a solo duet (Quarantotto-Sartori-Peterson)
When LaLa decided to record this duet by her beloved Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli, she was crushed to find out that the Italian tenor’s schedule would prevent him from re-recording the song with her. After accepting his heartfelt apologies, she decided to step down…an octave, and record his part herself.
Le Jazz Hot (Mancini-Bricusse)
This song from the classic musical starring Julie Andrews in the role of a girl who pretends to be a guy who pretends to be a girl (!) lends itself beautifully to a reinterpretation by the gender bending, octave sliding Diva.
Beautiful (Linda Perry)
This wonderful song has become a modern classic in Christina Aguilera’s version. LaLa dedicates her reinterpretation to all her beautiful friends and fans… and you are ALL beautiful!
A “Natural” Woman (Goffin-Wexler-King)
This soul standard became one of LaLa’s most requested songs. Audiences are amused and amazed by the hilarious, octave dropping take on the concept of "natural" woman.
Casta Diva –Diva Remix (Bellini -Remix by Wilby)
With this opera classic presented in an unusual and brilliant remix by Wilbi, LaLa pays tribute to the character of the Blue Diva in Besson’s “The Fifth Element”movie, and manages at the same time to subtly spoof the most typical mannerisms of opera singing.