Italia's got Talent Recap LaLa McCallan Italia's Got Talent 2011 Semi-Final / Semifinale LaLa McCallan Italia's Got Talent 2011 Finale 11/06/2011 Casta Diva Live @Grand Hotel Chiambretti Sposa Son Disprezzata Get This Party Started Beautiful Time to Say Goodbye Interview Get This Party stated Making Of

Please enjoy LaLa McCallan's videos
You can click on the icons above to see these examples of LaLa’s vocal versatility, flair for subtle comedy, and passion for hairstyles and gowns that are as big and high as her voice.
Professionally shot video demos of LaLa's theatrical shows are available at the top of the LIVE! page of this website, and you can visit our YouTubechannel for yet more clips and interviews

The first three clips show LaLa's Italia's Got Talent journey. The short but delightful version of Casta Diva comes form LaLa's most recent TV appearance. Sposa Son Disprezzata is a stunning legit opera performance, while Get This Party Started is a majestic modern Rococo fantasy take on the Shirley Bassey hit. The next video is a cover of Christina Aguilera's classic hit, Beautiful. In Time To Say Goodbye LaLa performs an incredible duet with... himself! You can also view a backstage interview with the Diva herself and a behind the scene clip of the Get This Party Started video.

Get This Party Started