A Diva With a Difference
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» LaLa McCallan's video premieres at Gender Bender Film Festival

October 2007: Gender Bender Festival in Italy will feature the Premiere of A "Natural" Woman, the first video project by Drag singing Diva and style icon LaLa McCallan. The song is a version of Aretha Franklin's classic hit, re interpreted with a humorous slant and an impressive display of vocal skills by LaLa McCallan, the world's first cross-dressing cross-over diva with a 3 octave vocal range and hair designs that are as high as her highest notes. The diva herself will of course attend the screening, slated to take place at Cinema Lumiere in Bologna on Wednesday, October 31st at 10 p.m. Directed by Daniele Del Pozzo, the international festival Gender Bender represents an unusual and curious approach to contemporary culture by focussing on the way in which the overlapping and intertwining of gender identity and sexual orientation creates new, stimulating imageries. The programme offers a diversified series of events, many of which are presented in Italy for the first time, ranging from films to theatre shows to installations and visual arts exhibitions, live concerts, dj sets, parties and round tables. Please visit www.genderbender.it for all details.