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My darlings,

this is update is long overdue, but sometimes I get too busy living life to find the time to write about it! 2010 started with a bang with two major events that made February a very hectic month. The first one was of course the wonderful Ballo Del Doge, the most exclusive event of the Venice Carnival. I thought I had seen it all when I starred in it last year, but this time the whole set up was even more opulent, with its theme of "7 Dreams, 7 Sins". And a dream it truly was, set once in the historical Palazzo Pisani Moretta right on the Grand Canal. Feel free to catch a glimpse of it at www.ilballodeldoge.com. One of the guests of honor of the evening was Spanish flamenco legend and dance superstar Joaquim Cortès, with whom I was thrilled to pose for the picture you see here. I had met Joaquim the previous day, when I performed a special "carnival" edition of my "VivaLaDiva!" show also promoted by the Ballo Del Doge's creator Antonia Sautter. The event was held at one of Venice's best hotels, the wonderful Westin Europa e Regina.
Shortly after Carnival's follies I travelled down to the other end of this crazy and beautiful Country to participate in a fantastic initiative called Primavera dei Diritti (i.e. the Spring of Human Rights). The festival was held in Bari, the capital city of the spectacular Puglia region, and it was an amazing experience bringing together artists from literally all over the world to reignite the discussion over the progress of human rights both here and abroad. The audiences that filled the "VivaLaDiva!" performances were among the warmest we ever had, and the production team at the Kursaal Theater, home to the events, was a dream to work with. I miss them so much!
Back home we were very happy to reprise our "Simply... a Diva!" show for our beloved Eden Theater, where the season will wrap up at the end of April. I am proud to announce that we are back with our Beegler Media team and we will film the final performance of the season, so you can look forward to a video promo being released early in the summer!
Also in early summer is the scheduled launch of a project we've been working on for the last couple of months: that is a fab original song written by and performed with an incredible new singer who is already a web celebrity. I am sworn to secrecy about the details, but please be prepared to see LaLa like you've never seen her before...

All my love,

P.S. I finally got over myself and joined Twitter, and you know what? I LOVE it! It's a wonderful fuss free way to stay connected, so if you wish to catch up with me a little more often, please do join me there. All the posts are written by yours truly!