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» The Cicada and the Ant

My darlings,
there’s this little moral tale of the Cicada and the Ant. The Cicada, noisy little cricket that she is, sings all summer while the Ant slaves under the sun to store food for the cold weather. Then Winter comes, and when the Cicada knocks on the Ant’s door to beg for food, the Ant triumphantly announces: you should have WORKED like me, instead of singing your summer away. Or something like that. Now is the height of the summer and we’re having 40 C° days, yet and here I am, recording new songs, editing the main movie and the promos of our last night of “Simply… A Diva!”, preparing new major updates for this website, but most of all editing our new demo, which will contain our videos remastered to fix some technical bugs that had been bothering me for a long time. The first of these to come out is “Casta Diva 2010 Blue Diva Remix”, which you can see here at the bottom of this, and which will replace the first version of the same song. I was never really happy with that first recording, where I always felt I made some less than ideal technical and interpretative decisions, so we decided to re-record the aria with a more straightforward, musically correct approach and we re-synched it to the video. Please enjoy it, share it, and if you have a second leave us a comment on YouTube. I will spend the rest of the summer getting ready for the new theatre Season. “Simply… a Diva!” will return to our beloved Teatro Eden, where it ended its last, sold out run with the most enthusiastic audience we could have hoped for… and we have it all on tape! The promo will come out in September to advertise the first date in October, and we have also been signed for our 3rd consecutive New Year’s there. Well, that’s as much as I’m allowed to talk about for now. Please keep checking this space from time to time, I promise I will write more often as each project develops.
So… to go back to that little moral tale…would I be the Cicada, singing her days away, or the workaholic Ant, slaving under the sun? Guess what, just for a change… I think I’ll be both.

All my love,