A Diva With a Difference
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My darlings,
as 2009 draws to a close there are so many things for me to be grateful for, the first of which being of course your support and appreciation! My latest video, “Time To Say Goodbye”,  continues to receive great comments and praise from around the world, and from loyal friends who are doing a great job of sharing it with other friends and spreading the word around. To you, and you know who you are, I send my most heartfelt thanks. The months of January and February will be crucial in our efforts to take the show outside of Italy and possibly closer to you, wherever you may be, so please keep your support coming.
We are also blessed with the appreciation of a lot of friends right here in this beautiful and crazy Country. The new show, “Simply… a Diva!” has ended its first run playing to sold out houses. A special New Year edition is planned –you can view the poster by clicking on the image in this column – and we are very happy to have been booked again for the next season of our beloved Teatro Eden, starting in March.
In the meantime I had the privilege and the thrill to be back at the beautiful Teatro 1763 here in Bologna, which two years ago was the set for my Casta Diva video, with a show called “LaLa McCallan presents: Soirèe Baroque”. It was a sort of journey back to the Baroque era, with me telling anecdotes about that time and sharing the stage with beautiful Soprano Simona Bertini. The theatre, which takes its name from the year of its inauguration, is one of the few original private theatres to have survived intact to our day. Its acoustic is certified to be among the best in Europe, and it was truly a thrill to sing without the aid of any amplification. Thankfully my wonderful video director Fiandrix was there with his camera, so I might surprise you with a little excerpt soon.
But enough with opera… you might recall me talking a few months ago about a collaboration with an Indie Rock band called L.ego. Well, their new album is coming out in January, and it will contain two songs featuring yours truly. Working with these incredibly talented young guys really allowed me to fully appreciate their fantastic sound, and if you have a chance I invite you to check them out on www.l-ego.com
There is quite a few things to look forward to in 2010. The first one will probably be my return to Venice as the star of what Vanity Fair describes as “the most exclusive costume ball in the world”: the Ballo del Doge, created by the extraordinary Venetian designer Antonia Sautter. The event defies description, but you can get an idea by logging on to www.ilballodeldoge.com
Another thing I am very excited about is my very first DVD release, that will include all of my official video clips in high quality, specially recorded footage and lots of hilarious and never before seen special features. We are thinking of making it available to the many friends and fans who requested it in the spring, so as always… stay tuned! Please enjoy a wonderful new year filled with health, love, peace and success for yourselves and your loved ones!