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My darlings,

one of the most recurring questions in your lovely letters and messages is “when will you perform in our Country”. While we are indeed getting in touch with British and American management companies and Agents, the success of my new show here in Bologna, Italy, is exceeding all expectations, and is keeping me from yet taking the proverbial leap.
VivaLaDiva! is a “one-diva” singing spectacular which premiered to great acclaim and reviews at the beginning of April at this city’s beautiful Eden Theater. As you can see from the poster we uploaded here and from the cover of Bologna Spettacolo (this city’s equivalent to what Time Out is for most capitals), the Eden Theater is a newly restored Cafè Chantant from the Liberty period that is now part of a de luxe hotel complex in the heart of town. It is truly the ideal venue for my show, with a fantastic sound highlighting my live performance and a beautiful proscenium arch that is the perfect frame for my wigs ad costumes, creating a perfect balance between glamour and surprise. To see a crowd of exquisitely dressed people rise for a standing ovation at the end of the show is an emotion I find hard to describe, especially now that the the political life of the country has taken a definite turn towards the extremely conservative, and the Italian GLBT community is facing another 5 years of overt discrimination.
As Pride season kicks off, however, I couldn’t be more proud to be living in Italy’s most forward thinking, open minded City. Bologna is only an hour away from Florence, Two from Milan, one and a Half from Venice and three from Rome, so it is an ideal place to plan a short break to Italy, with low cost flights available from (and to) most European capitals. This year Bologna will also be hosting the National Pride events, starting June 20th and ending on the 28th, and including a special performance of my show. It is my pleasure and delight to invite you to visit this beautiful city, while I will keep networking to be able to soon visit yours.

All my love,