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» The Return of the Sirens

My darlings , of course I’m going to start this by wishing all of you a wonderful new year! In truth I already did so in a “virtual” holiday card that we posted on YouTube the week before Xmas. It is the live recording of the famous “Ave Maria” by Schubert, and it will be taken off the web at the beginning of February, so if you haven’t seen it yet please go to my video page and scroll down.
2008 started well with a lovely trip to my beloved Montecarlo, one of the glitziest places on the planet and maybe the only town other than Vegas where I could go out in full regalia and barely turn a head. In fact I would be the most natural looking lady around.
The year ahead looks very promising for all of us for what I’m going to call “The Return of the Sirens”. Basically, all our favourite divas are coming back with a new CD and plenty of inspiration for us all. Janet has a new album in February, Mariah in April, and Whitney might finally get it together. Now if only Rupaul would put out a new album, we could really 2008 the Year of the Diva. Further on the subject, my lovely inspiration Sarah Brightman has a new album coming at the end of the month. Now some of you may not know her, but I can assure you, she is an honorary Drag diva. Take a look at the cover the CD if you don’t believe me. Of course she is also the Queen of Cross Over, often singing opera classic to techno arrangements to stunning effect. I love her so much I decided to record a version of her hit “Time to Say Goodbye”, which will be on the audio page in the next few days. I couldn’t exactly get ahold of Andrea Bocelli to sing this, so I just decided to duet with myself. I hope you’ll enjoy it and have a good laugh. Also on the Audio page you will find my version of the drag classic “Le Jazz Hot”, which is always very appreciated when I sing it in my shows.
The songs will also be featured in my brand new My Space page For all of you who use that site, I can’t wait to add you to my friends list. Until next month all my love, LaLa.