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My darlings,

I am very happy to welcome you to this brand new Website! The last tweakings are still going on as I write, and one of the new sections (the Doll Page) is yet to be completed, but I hope you will enjoy the new format, pictures and content that my very skilled webmaster Floina made into reality for us!
I am finally back home after a 3 week stay in Canada and the US. Just a week before leaving, my new show “Simply… a Diva!” had its first preview here at Teatro Eden, and I am happy to report that it ended with a wonderful standing ovation (which unlike on Broadway, is still quite a rare event here). The show will be headlining the program at Teatro Eden from October. It has a completely new and even more challenging song selection, and features a few guest star appearances by my multitalented partner and producer Stuart Lindsay, who gets to show off his fab comedy flair in a couple of duets and even a dance number with me!
We are also working with “Beautiful” director Fiandrix on the finishing touches of my next video, the solo duet “Time To say Goodbye”. The video will be released in September to coincide with the promotion of the new show. Of course if you haven’t heard my version of the song yet you can go now to the AUDIO page of the website and enjoy the recording.
Finally, I am very happy to report that my vocals will be featured in a song by Italian rock band L.Ego. The band plays a fabulous mix of indie rock and pop with a subtly humorous slant, and I am very excited to collaborate with them. A video may be in the works soon, so as I always say… stay tuned! And talking of pop/rock, I was especially delighted to be in Vegas at the time of the American Idol final, which enabled me to call repeatedly and vote for the incredible Adam Lambert. I have never watch a reality show/competition before, believe it or not, but this year I had to make an exception because of this incredible performer, who may very well be the most gifted vocalist and showbiz professional I have ever come across. No other definition comes to mind than pop/rock Royalty. He is such an inspiration to me that he almost makes me want to go back to singing in plain clothes, so to speak. Well, don’t worry. I said almost…[
Have a wonderful Summer!