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My darlings,
Many things have happened since the last time I wrote here, so the best thing I can do is to recap everything briefly, starting from the most recent events:


  • I am ecstatic to announce the release of my new video, a cover of Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. The clip was directed and edited by up and coming Italian videomaker Fabio Fiandrini (Fiandrix), and is a bit of a team effort, with the appearances of my manager and partner Stuart Lindsay and of my wonderful make up designer Sergio Porcedda. The clip will be viewable on YouTube and on the Video page of the website from Tuesday, March 17th.
  • March 1st marked my debut on National television in a special profile called “Vite Reali” for Italian channel RAI 4. It was a real pleasure working with reporter Alessandra Arcieri and her director Valentina, who came to our theatre to film the interviews and part of the show. You can view the whole thing, subtitled in English where necessary, by clicking on the link at the bottom of this update.
  • My film debut is also imminent with the release of “Fuera”, a short movie I took part in in late August 2008. Produced by Vania Arcangeli’s D.O.C., the movie was directed by Michele Bertelli and Edda Valentini, who also wrote the screenplay, for which she won the award at Mitreo Film Festival. Director of Photography was Fabio Cianchetti, whose work is internationally famous for movies such as the Academy Award winner “Life is Beautiful” by Roberto Benigni.
  • On Saturday, February 21st I had the privilege of singing as the featured star at Venice’s most exclusive masked ball, “Il Ballo Del Doge”. Produced by Venetian Stylist Antonia Sautter, this yearly event has been covered in the past by all the major international networks (CNN, BBC, ABC…) and has been hailed by ABC news as “one of the top ten things you must do before you die”. We will soon publish pictures of the evening, as words fail to render the beauty of this extraordinary event. And yes, for once, just like in a fairy tale, I WAS the belle of the ball!
  • April 17th will mark the final performance of my show “VivaLaDiva!” at Teatro Eden, where it resided to continued acclaim for over a year, marking a record for our relatively small City. The show must end to make way for our new diva extravaganza, that I will tell you about in my next update.

Finally, it’s time to announce the imminent re-launch of this whole website. My fantastic webmaster Floina is hard at work on a new, more elegant and faster version that will debut in mid April.
Until then,

All my love,
Toujour, LaLa.