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My darlings,
our dinner show "Simply... a Diva!" ended its remarkable two year run at Teatro Eden last night with a live broadcast on radio station Radio Cittá Fujiko. We are very proud of this achievement, and deeply grateful to our wonderful audience, that has been following us with ever growing fondness over the last four years of our residency at this theatre. The LaLa McCallan project was conceived specifically for live theatre, and for that magical and irreplaceable relationship that develops with a live audience in the course of a show.
Hence the new section of our website, the LIVE page, where you can find an interactive illustration of our live show repertoire, with three short video demos and four pdf brochures that you can visualize, download or print with just one click of the mouse.
Among these brochures you can find the one describint "Soirèe Baroque", our classic show that will be back on Monday, May 2nd at the wonderful 1763 Theatre of Villa Mazzacorati in Bologna. The show is a short and light hearted musical entertainment during which I will take you back to the extraordinary time of Baroque and Rococo. I will be sharing the stage with the very talented soprano Simona Bertini, and all the arias will be sung with the sole accompaniment of Maestro Flavio Fiorini at the grand piano, and with no amplification in sight, thanks to the wonderful acoustics of the Theatre, originally inaugurated in 1763 and still intact today.
As for the next few months we will be working on many diverse projects, such as two new musical videos and a whole new dinner show to open the new season at Teatro Eden. We will continue to work incredibly hard to bring our live shows closer to you, hoping you will soon experience the magic that is LaLa McCallan... live!



Radio Cittá Fujiko