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My darlings,

I’m still wiping off the tears of joy as the final reports on the American elections roll in. I won’t venture into political commentary, but I will tell you how much I am missing being in the US at this incredible moment. As we cheer Obama and all that his victory represents, let me pause to remark the great class and shown by John McCain in his very meaningful concession speech. As for Sarah Palin well… she does have an interesting hair style (and Lord knows I don’t mean this in a sexist way, I do love a backcombed top!). Let’s just say that I’ve never heard the word “diva” being misused as much as when this term was applied to her by eager campaign commentators. But let’s talk about a true Diva now. Another whole lot of US-made joy came with a little lady called Liza Minnelli, and her concert in Florence that I had the privilege of watching from the second row. Before you sneer, especially you younger darlings, let me tell you this: the lady is the living embodiment of the concept of “entertainment”. Forget all the tabloid crap, the caricatures and even some less fortunate TV appearances, her live show is a life changing lesson in performing that only a superstar like her can teach. Also from the US is the third and final thought that I want to leave you with this time. I received this letter through MySpace from a wonderful new friend, and I am going to publish it here with her permission:

[…] I was just checking my myspace.., and my son came over and asked me to click on your picture...so I went to your website instead to show him your videos.
My son is 12...he is extremely artistic, very into fashion design and is just a different...but exceptional kid. He is having a tough time right now in school (getting made fun of because of his femininity). Any-how, my point.
He said right out loud, and I quote…" It is people like that that just make my day" I asked him why...
He said "Because it makes me happy to see that and it just makes me feel okay to be who I am" It brought me to tears.
Just wanted to pass that along....seeing you made him feel a bit better today....
Dear Sarah, what can I say? You just made 17 years of hard work in show business (leading to the last two as LaLa McCallan) entirely worthwhile. God bless your son, God bless you, and God (or Goddess, or Spirit, or Love, or Life, whatever you wish to call it) bless this new America, making the whole world a better place.

All my love,

P.S: With all this joy I almost forgot to talk about ME!: we have been a bit overwhelmed by the reprise of our “VivaLaDiva!” show, for which I am pasting the latest poster featuring a new picture with some of the dates open to the public. We have decided to delay the release of my next two videos to coincide with my new show, that will open at the same theatre early next year. Please stay tuned…